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General Health : Environment Last Updated: Apr 20, 2011 - 9:38:09 AM

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General Health : Environment
Organic solvents raise risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in women
A new study in the Jan 15, 2009 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests that women exposed to organic solvents on the job are at higher risk of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.
Feb 23, 2009 - 10:34:11 PM

General Health : Environment
Medical Director of Swiss Clinic Takes Brave Stand on the Hazards of Electromagnetic Pollution
Dr. Thomas Rau, Medical Director of the world-renowned Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland, says he is convinced ‘electromagnetic loads’ lead to cancer, concentration problems, ADD, tinnitus, migraines, insomnia, arrhythmia, Parkinson’s and even back pain.
Feb 17, 2009 - 4:43:23 PM

General Health : Environment
Precautionary Advice for Cell Phone Use
The World Health Organization has been compiling data on the health risks of electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones, but the release of the report has been delayed for over two years.
Jan 7, 2009 - 1:07:15 PM

General Health : Environment
How Green is Your Cell Phone?
"I know that most people use cell phones, and I appreciate the OCA looking for the best companies to purchase such a service, but I have a couple concerns. First of all, I have read that cell phones can cause brain tumors. Secondly, I hear there are environmental and child labor issues related to coltan mining for cell phones.
Oct 29, 2008 - 10:49:02 AM

General Health : Environment
The world plans to eliminate malaria by 2015
The world has gotten a new plan to eliminate malaria from the planet by 2015.   Organizers Thursday said they received pledges of nearly $3 billion, the Associated Press reports.
Sep 26, 2008 - 11:36:35 AM

General Health : Environment
Cell phone could damage your sperm
Long term use of cell phone has already been associated with brain tumor.   Now a new study suggests that simply carrying a cell phone with talk mode on could damage sperm.
Sep 19, 2008 - 9:17:29 AM

General Health : Environment
High PCB exposure linked to diabetes risk
A new study in the journal Diabetes Care shows people who have been exposed to high levels of polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs may be at a higher risk of type 2 diabetes than those who have not.
Aug 16, 2008 - 1:42:50 PM

General Health : Environment
Industry says granite countertops are safe to use
The Marble Institute of America on Friday responded to the studies by Rice University physics professor W.J. Llope saying that granite countertops pose no significant health risk.
Jul 28, 2008 - 7:23:45 AM

General Health : Environment
Important precautionary advice regarding cell phone use
Ronald B. Herberman, MD at The University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute sent out an email last week to colleagues warning them of the potential risk of using cell phones.
Jul 27, 2008 - 1:45:58 PM

General Health : Environment
Your granite countertops may raise your cancer risk
Rice University physics professor W.J. Llope found some granite countertops generate gamma radiation and radon gas at a level that is considered dangerous by the U.S. government, Houston Chronicle reported.
Jul 27, 2008 - 9:17:16 AM

General Health : Environment
Does too much sun cause melanoma?
We are continuously bombarded with messages about the dangers of too much sun and the increased risk of melanoma (the less common and deadliest form of skin cancer), but are these dangers real, or is staying out of the sun causing us more harm than good?
Jul 24, 2008 - 6:26:49 AM

General Health : Environment
Toxic chemicals found in common scented laundry products, air fresheners
A University of Washington study of top-selling laundry products and air fresheners found the products emitted dozens of different chemicals. All six products tested gave off at least one chemical regulated as toxic or hazardous under federal laws, but none of those chemicals was listed on the product labels.
Jul 24, 2008 - 6:20:06 AM

General Health : Environment
Global warming may raise risk of kidney stones
It seems we have not gotten enough problems with global warming.   A new study suggests that the global climate change that has led to Al Gore winning a Nobel Prize would expose more people in the United States to the risk of suffering kidney stones.
Jul 16, 2008 - 10:19:07 AM

General Health : Environment
RFID tags useful, but potentially risky
A new study found that use of radio frequency identification (RFID), a wireless technology, on medical device may pose a risk to patients who are supported by a critical care medical device such as pacemakers.
Jun 25, 2008 - 2:06:06 PM

General Health : Environment
RFID tags useful, but risky
A new study found that use of radio frequency identification (RFID), a wireless technology, on valuable medical device or equipment may pose a risk to patients who are supported by a critical care medical device such as pacemakers.
Jun 25, 2008 - 1:08:14 PM

General Health : Environment
PVC shower curtains harmful to your health
If you’re thinking or have planned to purchase a PVC shower curtain by the end of the week, you might want to think again. An environmental organization has found that this type of curtain may pose a risk to your health because it emits a large number of toxic volatiles.
Jun 16, 2008 - 12:03:53 PM

General Health : Environment
Traffic pollution raises risk of childhood allergies
Traffic pollution may increase risk of allergies in children, according to a German study confirming early studies that found an association between pollution and allergies.
Jun 13, 2008 - 12:05:02 PM

General Health : Environment
PVC shower curtains release harmful chemicals
Using polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-based shower curtains in the household may pose a health risk because the curtains of this type release a number of toxic chemicals such as toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and others.
Jun 13, 2008 - 9:29:22 AM

General Health : Environment
Nanotubes are as deadly as asbestos
Carbon nanotubes can cause cancer such as deadly deadly lung cancer called mesothelioma just as asbestos does, according to a new stuyd published ini the Scientific journal Nature nanotechnology.
Jun 7, 2008 - 1:49:34 PM

General Health : Environment
Childhood lead exposure raises risk of getting arrested
A study in this week's PLoS Medicine suggests that exposure to lead in early childhood may increase the risk of a person getting arrested for violent crimes in young adulthood.
May 28, 2008 - 1:13:17 PM

General Health : Environment
16% American homes use only wireless phones
Preliminary results from the July-December 2007 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) indicate that nearly one out of every six American homes (15.8%) had only wireless telephones during the second half of 2007.
May 27, 2008 - 2:58:43 PM

General Health : Environment
Phthalates: How to avoid them?
Phthalates are endocrine disruptors that could negatively impact reproductive system leading to decreased sperm motility and concentration in men and genital abnormalities in baby boys.   The chemicals are also linked to increased risk of asthma and allergies.
May 27, 2008 - 12:04:33 PM

General Health : Environment
Not Finished Yet
Although polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were banned in the United States in 1977, they persist in the environment. These bioaccumulative chemicals can damage the immune, reproductive, endocrine, and nervous systems. When looking for environmental sources of PCBs, scientists generally measure dietary intake from fish, meat, and milk. However, older wood floor finishes that harbor PCBs may present an underestimated route for exposure, finds Ruthann Rudel, a toxicologist at the nonprofit Silent Spring Institute in Newton, Massachusetts.
May 25, 2008 - 10:59:59 PM

General Health : Environment
Illinois reports first mosquitoes with West Nile virus this year
The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) today announced mosquito samples collected in Tazewell County and Dupage County have been confirmed as the first positive test results in Illinois this year for West Nile virus.
May 24, 2008 - 8:07:04 AM

General Health : Environment
Particulates kill tens of thousands of Californians each year
The California Air Resources Board on May 22 released a report to address the health impacts of exposure to particulate matter.
May 23, 2008 - 10:25:50 AM

General Health : Environment
Cell phone use during pregnancy may cause behavioral problems in children
Prenatal and postnatal use of cell phones may affect children’s brain causing behavioral problems in the children, according to a new study published in the May 7 issue of Epidemiology.
May 21, 2008 - 11:35:51 AM

General Health : Environment
Air pollution linked to blood clots
Long-term exposure to a type of air pollution, the air-borne fine particles, appears to dramatically increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis, a condition that can lead to a life-threatening pulmonary embolism, according to a study in the May 12 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine.
May 13, 2008 - 9:45:13 AM

General Health : Environment
Outraged Parents and Environmental Health Advocates Demand Halt
Today a petition signed by over 20,000 parents and concerned consumers who support greater health protections for infants was sent to the CEOs of Avent, Disney/First Years, Dr. Brown's, Evenflo, and Gerber – manufacturers of plastic baby bottles containing BPA, a sex hormone that interferes with the ways that genes are supposed to guide babies' healthy growth and development.
May 7, 2008 - 2:38:45 PM

General Health : Environment
New Thinking on Flame Retardants
No one wants their bed, couch, chair, computer, or TV to catch on fire. "If an ordinary upholstered chair in your home gets ignited, it can essentially take your whole house down," says Richard Gann, a senior research scientist at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) Building and Fire Research Laboratory. The most flammable part of a mattress or couch is its plastic polyurethane foam cushioning, he explains. Once a fire gets through a chair or mattress's fabric covering and into this cushioning, it can start a catastrophic reaction that quickly leads to "flashover," in which nearly everything combustible inside a room ignites simultaneously.
May 6, 2008 - 9:21:37 PM

General Health : Environment
Unwelcome Guest: PBDEs in Indoor Dust
Researchers have known for years that house dust is a major exposure route for lead and certain pesticides. Now attention is turning to another class of dustborne chemicals—polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants. A growing body of research documents that PBDEs and other brominated flame retardants (BFRs) released from many different consumer products can accumulate in people's homes, cars, and workplaces. Moreover, certain segments of the population have extremely high concentrations of these substances in their bodies. However, hard data on the human health impact of these exposures are only just beginning to emerge, with many studies focusing on thyroid effects.
May 1, 2008 - 12:25:09 PM

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