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Misc. News : Letter to Editor Last Updated: Apr 20, 2011 - 9:38:09 AM

My Story of Dental Amalgam Mercury Poisoning
By A reader
Jan 31, 2008 - 4:58:42 PM

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My Story of Dental Amalgam Mercury Poisoning
I am a victim of MERCURY POISONING and am here to testify how mercury from the dental amalgam fillings has affected my life. Next year, 2007, will mark thirty years I have been suffering from 'MERCURY' poisoning from the 'silver' dental amalgam fillings. I was only 7 or 8 years old when I first had amalgams.

My symptoms of mercury poisoning surfaced around 1977 when I was 27 years old, much earlier then what I thought. The throbbing and pounding migraine headaches accompanied with light sensitivity and nausea lasted for hours and severe to the point where I once temporarily lost the sight in one eye.

In February 1980, when I looked in the mirror my right eye and the right side of my mouth were drooping downward. When I went to the doctor he said it was similar to a Bell's palsy and should be better within one or two months and it was.

Six months later, after bouts of a pulling sensation in my left eye, I lost my center vision. I went to see a Chief of Ophthalmology in a prominent Chicago hospital and after examination he referred me to a neurologist. I was placed on prednisone. After many visits to the hospital I was told I had a 'demyelinating disease' and 'optic neuritis'.

I would experience extreme headaches and dizziness. I continued to go to the doctors but they couldn't find anything wrong. I was confused and scared. I then experienced symptoms of uncoordinated movements, numbness and tingling of the hands and feet, weakness of one leg and then the other, and a lack of balance besides other symptoms. My legs felt like they had lead in them and had to be dragged along as I walked. I would frequently fall. I never knew when these situations would happen or what part of my body the weakness would strike.

In 1981, I went to a well-known neurologist in Chicago.  I had to hold on to the walls for support and my gait was wider then usual for balance. After many previous neurological examinations on this examination I was diagnosed with 'Multiple Sclerosis' commonly known as (MS). I was placed on prednisone again.

I spent years of countless visits to other neurologists and they all confirmed the previous diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. At this point, I knew that MS was an incurable autoimmune disease and felt hopeless. My leg became worse and once again I went to another neurologist and was placed on prednisone.

As time went on, my thinking became clouded and my mind in a fog.  My legs became weaker and the falling more frequent.  Holding on to the walls for balance became a part of my daily routine.

As each year passed the symptoms escalated. I never knew when the relapses would occur and never fully regained my previous functional status. I was averaging one to three relapses every year for ten years, requiring various medications.

In 1987 I entered a hospital for the very first time in my life. The five medications were now ineffective. The only option offered was oral and intravenous chemotherapy in conjunction with an experimental and controversial treatment called Plasmaphoresis.
When I was released from the hospital I was confined to using a walker and a wheelchair. I experienced early menopause at age 37 from the chemotherapy. My face and body became distorted from the medications. At times I experienced slurred speech because the muscles in my mouth were becoming weaker.  

In 1988, after discussion with my physician, I terminated my employment and went on disability. Situations became increasingly difficult as the neighbors and paramedics had to be called only to find me on the floor unable to get up.

December 26, 1989, I had another relapse.  January 1990 I was admitted to the hospital again and placed on the various medications, therapies, and experimental procedures. Only, this time, after 1½ months of being in the hospital I was released, confined to a wheelchair and a hospital bed...a paraplegic.

I returned home unable to take care of myself. I had bladder incontinence that required the use of diapers. I could not feed myself without using a built up fork or wash my face and brush my teeth without difficulty. My hands and fingers became so weak I lost the ability to grasp a pen to write legibly and to even turn the pages of a book. A hoyer lift was used to get me into the hospital bed and shower. I was hardly able to lift my head up off of the pillow or grab the side rails of the hospital bed. The commode with arms sat next to my bedside.  Braces and orthopedic shoes were used to stabilize my legs and feet.  I required 24-hour care.

In 1990, I found out from DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome) about Multiple Sclerosis and MERCURY POISONING from the 'silver' dental amalgam fillings.  I was shocked to learn my symptoms of "MS" and mercury poisoning was similar. The 'silver' fillings were not ALL silver as I had thought but made up of about 50% mercury along with copper, tin, zinc, and smaller amounts of silver then previously thought.

A mercury-free dentist performed a mercury vapor test and measuring high levels removal was recommended. A materials reactivity testing report showed restoratives containing the components within the fillings 'MAY NOT BE SUITABLE or may require concurrent body burden reduction and risk management'.

None of my dentists alerted me to the fact that there was MERCURY or any other metals in the 'silver' dental amalgam fillings. They never alerted me to the fact that MERCURY escapes from the fillings and is released into the blood stream or the health risks involved.

My dentist saw me from walking into his office independently to using a wheelchair and never said anything about the MERCURY in the 'silver fillings'. My dentists' response to me was there is such a small amount of MERCURY in the silver fillings that it wouldn't hurt me. He sent me information about the controversies on the silver fillings. (EXHIBITS I, II, III)
My neurologist, a Professor of Neurology at Northwestern University Medical School, was not aware of the MS MERCURY connection either. (EXHIBITS I, II, III)

Even though the idea had much opposition from the medical and dental communities, the amalgam fillings (16) were completely removed by September 1990. I didn't know if removing the dental amalgams would help my condition. I was in the advanced stages of Multiple Sclerosis. I was dying. I was being poisoned and I didn't know it. Two weeks after the last filling was removed I began to improve and my slurred speech started to disappear.

On April 25, 1994 I had the results of a Neurometric Brain mapping EEG & EP Report - Summary: 'As a result, there is evidence which supports both a degenerative disease and toxicity'.

It's atypical for relapsing, remitting MS advancing to progressive MS to be reversed. I have been on my own since September 10, 2000 even though bed-ridden for 10 years.

As a result of amalgam removal, I have NOT had any relapses of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms since 1989. That's 17 years. I have NOT had any medications nor seen a neurologist for Multiple Sclerosis symptoms since 1990. That's 16 years.

The dental and medical professions are completely misinformed or unaware of the dangers of the MERCURY in the 'silver' amalgam fillings and its health risks and effects.

 The practice of using MERCURY in the silver fillings is not only outdated but unnecessary as well since there are alternative filling materials available. I would NOT be in a wheelchair today if I were informed of MERCURY in the 'silver' fillings.

FDA you have the power, the responsibility and the moral obligation of making decisions based on sound scientific information and the testimonies presented at these hearings.  Mercury is a poison, a neuro-toxin that affects everyone from pregnant women to children and fetuses alike---Lack of the use of MERCURY in dentistry is a must. Public awareness would not only prevent years of suffering but also the possibility of a LOSS OF LIFE.

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