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Misc. News : Letter to Editor Last Updated: Apr 20, 2011 - 9:38:09 AM

Mercury in dental amalgam
By Dr. Rita Holgers
Jan 29, 2008 - 8:10:18 PM

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Congratulations for your interest creating awareness in the mind of the American Public on the issue of Dental Silver Amalgam restorations.
Little has been written of the real danger of mercury in this type of restoration.  Mercury leaches out of the filling into the tubules in the root of the tooth.  Over time this mercury travels into the surrounding tissue creating "amalgam tatoo " of the gums.  This is not healthy.
Dental surgery is required to remove "amalgam tatoo".  (The darken tissue is cut away with a sharp instrument)
In addition to the above, as the mercury builds up in the tubules in the root of the tooth, the free flow in energy becomes restricted, thus impeding the flow of energy traveling to an organ of the body.  There are many energy meridians and each specific to a tooth (like circuit breakers in an electrical box).  Thus when the energy fails to reach the organ, it is assumed it is the organ that is failing and many times is surgically removed.  It is the tooth that needs to be extracted, not the organ. (kidney, lung, breast, ovary, etc.)
This is the work of Rheinhold Voll M. D. from Munich, Germany begun in the 1950's.  He has written many books detailing the health of the teeth.
Mixed metals should never be placed in the same mouth, i.e., silver amalgam and gold crowns or gold inlay fillings.  This has been written in the American dental books since 1955.
Research the work of Dr. Voll, Hal Huggins, DDS and  the book, Toxic Teeth by another author who also has a website.
Dr. Rita Holgers
Lombard IL
Editor's note: Anyone who wish Dr. Holgers please
contact us and we will forward your email.

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