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Misc. News : Consumer Affair Last Updated: Apr 20, 2011 - 9:38:09 AM

Public Letter for Support of Dr. Yue
Jan 5, 2009 - 2:42:33 PM

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Dr. Dongxiao Yue sued two large corporations for pirating the PowerRPC software he spent years developing. Defendants admitted the software "has been copied, uncontrolled, for several years." The scale of the piracy was global and massive.

 Three months into his lawsuit, the court dismissed his case. Subsequently, the court ordered Dr. Yue to pay $219,949.90 to the software pirates. The court ordered to enforce the judgment while Dr. Yue’s appeal is pending. Because Dr. Yue does not have the money, Defendants have moved to levy his assets. On December 15, 2008, the court issued a Writ of Execution, directing the sheriff of the Alameda County to levy his property – primarily his family home and the PowerRPC software. Thus, Defendants not only plan to take the ownership of the software, but also avenge Dr. Yue by making his children without shelter in this cold winter.

The evidence of the case is so clear, yet the outcome is so unjust. If we permit such persecution to continue, allow powerful corporations stomp on human dignity, stand idle as they take people’s property and watch them inflict harm on children, the injustice will set a dangerous precedent.
Dr. Yue is man of compassion; he helped other people in tough times. In this holiday season, to help Dr. Yue's family in this time of crisis, to let his children know there is warmth of the human heart, we setup the "Support Dr. Dongxiao Yue Fund" and ask for your help. We formed the Support Dr. Dongxiao Yue Group to offer him moral and financial support, so he can continue his fight for justice and defend his rights on appeal. We ask for your participation in this just cause.

To donate online, you may visit the following web page and click on the "Donate" button (on the left column). You may also mail a check payable to "Support Dr. Dongxiao Yue Fund" to the following address: Support Group, P.O. BOX. 14340, Fremont, CA 94539; Contact Person: Carol Shi; Phone: (510) 825-0365 ; Email: [email protected] .

If you have suggestions or can offer help on legal and other aspects, please also contact us at the address above.


(For more case information, please visit )

    Since 1994, Dr.  Dongxiao Yue has been developing the PowerRPC software. In 2000, Sun bought licenses for distributing 1000 copies of the PowerRPC. Unknown to Yue, Sun incorporated PowerRPC into its own products, and vastly exceeded the 1000-copy limit. In 2004, a Sun manager wrote: "we have exceeded the 1,000 distributions that we had right to." Despite its mangers' knowledge of the piracy, Sun went on to grant its customers the right to make unlimited copies of PowerRPC, while concealing the piracy from Dr. Yue. Years later, the software piracy was discovered after Sun made numerous inconsistent statements.

    On November 19, 2007, Dr. Yue filed the lawsuit against Defendants, asserting ten claims of willful copyright infringement. The next day, at a court hearing, the judge told Yue to "cease and desist" from filing any paper and forbade Dr. Yue to speak. Dr. Yue wrote a letter then senator Barack Obama for help.

Because Sun failed to file a response to Dr. Yue's complaint, on January 2, 2008, Dr. Yue filed a motion for default judgment. On January 10, 2008, the court entered a backdated order granting Sun extension.

On March 4, 2008, the court dismissed Dr. Yue's lawsuit. The court order ignored all the evidence. On August 6, 2008, a magistrate judge recommended that Defendants be awarded $219,949.90 in attorney's fees and costs as prevailing copyright defendants.

On August 20, 2008, Dr. Yue filed a motion for review of the magistrate judge's report and recommendation with twenty-nine (29) specific objections. Dr. Yue contended that awarding Defendants is endorsing software piracy. On September 5, 2008, the court declined review and ordered Dr. Yue to pay $219,949.90 in thirty days.

Dr. Yue filed motion for stay of the judgment pending his appeal, stating that losing his home in the cold winter would cause irreparable trauma to his two children. The court summarily denied his motion.

The case is now before the U.S. Supreme Court. We look forward to a just decision from the nine justices.


援助同胞岳东晓及两个孩子 的募捐活动(ENGLISH)

华人软件开发者岳东晓博士状告两家美国大公司盗窃他花费多年时间所开发的一款称为 POWERRPC的软件。区法庭仅仅经历 3个月便迅速判处岳博士败诉,判决忽略所有证据,随后命令岳东晓博士赔偿被告律师费用 20多万美元。岳博士正在积极上诉。 因为岳博士无法缴纳这笔律师费, 被告要在上诉期强制执行律师费判决。区法庭拒绝岳博士根据人道主义精神暂缓执行的申请,在 2008年1215日向 ALAMEDA县法警下达强制执行令,随时没收岳博士的财产,不但要剥夺岳博士的软件版权送给被告,而且还将剥夺他的房子,使他尚年幼的孩子在这寒冷的冬季无处栖身。

案件这样铁证如山,如果坐视同胞被迫害、尊严遭受粗暴践踏、财产被断然剥夺、孩子的身心受到伤害,将助长歧视的邪恶势力。我们中很多人与岳东晓博士虽无私交、但并不陌生。岳博士在同胞有困难的时候总是毫不保留地热情帮助。 就在这中华民族的传统节日 --春节即将的到来之即,为了帮助岳家解决一点燃眉之急,让孩子能感受到一点人间的温情,同胞的温暖,我们成立 "援助岳东晓博士基金 "发起 "援助同胞岳东晓及两个孩子 " 的募捐活动。 我 们成立这个基金,在精神上和实质上支持岳博士,让他能够坚持斗争,在联邦上诉法院和美国最高法院维护其最基本的权利,直到正义的胜利。您所捐献的款项将由 多人共同监督管理,全部用于上述案件的诉讼。我们敬请各界同胞,伸出你们的援助之手。我们也敬请各界华人社团,一起来参加这项活动。

您如果愿意捐助,可以将捐款直接放入我们所开设的网上捐款帐号里。捐款 网址是: ( 点击该页面上捐款链接 ) 如果邮寄支票, 收款人请写: "Support Dr. Dongxiao Yue Fund" 。 邮寄 地址: Support Group, P.O. BOX. 14340 , Fremont, CA 94539 。电话: (510)825-0365联系人 : CAROL ;电子邮箱: [email protected] .


亲爱的同胞们、朋友们, 在美国的华人都是独挡一面的人才,时代在进步,华人地位在上升,让我们通过这个活动更加紧密地团结起来,维护同胞的合法权益!让人们知道我们的力量!谢谢您的支持!


Carol Shi, Y. Li, W.P. Sun, W.Z. Xie, R.X. Zhu

© 2004-2008 by unless otherwise specified

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