Copper Chef XL 11″ Casserole Pan 5 pc Set and Induction Cooktop Plate

copper chef xl
copper chef xl

Copper Chef XL 11″ Casserole Pan 5 pc Set & Induction Cooktop Plate (Casserole 5pc Set with Black Induction Cooker)

Copper Chef XL 11″ Casserole Pan is one of the best you can use to prepare your delicious food. This is an extra-large family-size square pan. And over one million people have already enjoyed using this set of cookware.

Uniquely designed, this Copper Chef XL 5-pc cookware can be used to replace a variety of cookware including baking dish, casserole dish,chafing dish, deep fryer, electric cooker, pasta pot, rice cooker, roasting pan, saute pan, slow cooker, steamer, stockpot, stove top, and wok, baking dish among others. With this wonder pan, you can prepare, cook and serve easily without using other cookers.

According to the manufacturer, TRISTAR PRODUCTS, INC., this Copper Chef XL 11″ casserole pan has 60% more room to cook more food compared to its traditional counterpart. The pan can be large enough to hold a 12-pound turkey!

Other features of the Copper Chef XL include a stainless steel induction plate with rapid even heating technology, ceramic nonstick material that is free of nasty chemicals like PTEE and PFEE, and uniquely designed handles. All cookware is dish-washable, and it tolerates temperature up to 850°

With so many good features with the Copper Chef XL 11″ casserole pan, you can easily sauté, simmer, slow-cook, boil, fry & sear whatever foods you want to. And because it uses non-stick material, it’s very easy to clean.

Copper Chef XL 11″ casserole pan is on being sold only for $119.99 and there is no shipping fee. On, 81% consumers give five stars and 10% four stars.  This set is as the same as seen on TV!

Editor’s note: This is an excellent set of cookware.  It is convenient and easy to use, serve, clean, and store.  The most desired features including great versatility, high heat resistance, and non-toxicity.


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