Curing Cancer with Carrots

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Curing Cancer with Carrots

In the book Curing cancer with Carrots, Ann Cameron the author of the book tells readers her story about how she conquered her stage 4 colon cancer without chemotherapy or radiation, but by drinking carrot juice. Carrot juice as part of dietary therapies was recommended by Dr. Max Gerson and Dr. Rudolf Breuss many decades ago.

Ann Cameron was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. She received surgery to remove the tumor. Later, she was found to have some cancerous cells spread to local issues. Then she learned from a guy named Ralph Cole that he cured his stage-4 cancer with drinking a lot of carrot juice each day for a few months. Ann Cameron followed Ralph’s advice and started drinking carrot juice religiously. Eventually, no more cancer cells were detected in her body after a few months of drinking carrot juice.

Ann Cameron presents a lot of evidence to indicate that her case is not a random case or spontaneous remission. Studies are cited in the book reporting that carrots actually contain high levels of certain anticancer compounds, which are known to be natural antifungal agents – luteolin and falcarinol. Falcarinol renders the unique smell of carrots. The compound is also found in other plants like parsley and celery.

If you are diagnosed with cancer, this is the must-read book. A study conducted by the U.S. government indicates that 8 out of 10 cancer cell lines are responsive to the treatments of the antifungal compound falcarinol. Ann Cameron mentions the study in her book. So the chance can be good that many patients may have a good response. But the key is, cancer patients need to use high amounts of fresh carrot juice daily.

This secret was found by Ralph Cole even though he is not the first person to use carrot juice to treat cancer. Carrot juice was recommended by Dr. Max Gerson and Dr. Rudolf Breuss. Ralph learned about the potential therapeutic effect of carrot juice from a lady who cured her cancer by drinking carrot juice. This lady initially followed Gerson Therapy and drinking carrot juice is part of the therapy. But she claimed drinking carrot juice alone can be effective enough. Ralph initially used a low amount of carrot juice and it did not seem to be effective enough. And then he increased the dose and eventually, he got rid of all cancer cells. Ann Cameron is not the only cancer patient who cured cancer by drinking carrot juice.

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