Stop Food Poisoning from Crashing Your Wedding


Jul 05, 2017

It’s officially wedding season, and planning for such a big event can be overwhelming! From organizing a bridal shower menu to researching reception venues and honeymoon destinations, don’t overlook an essential part of every celebration – FOOD SAFETY!

Stop food poisoning from crashing your weddingFor example, have you ever thought about how to keep food warm at your bridal party? Chafing dishes or warming trays are a great tool to keep food hot after cooking – at 140°F or above.

Look for caterers who have a food safety certification for kitchen managers and food handlers, to make sure they’re properly trained in safe food handling methods,

Did you know hors d’oeuvres can’t be left out indefinitely? They should only be served for an hour during hot (90°F and above) summer days.

Wedding Tips and More on the New USDA Food Safety Pinterest Account
If you’re wondering how to make sure your guests aren’t part of the 1 in 6 Americans who get food poisoning each year, follow FSIS’ Pinterest Wedding Food Safety board for simple tips to prevent food poisoning from crashing your big day. You’ll also find advice about avoiding food allergic reactions at your wedding.

Every #WeddingWednesday this summer, FSIS will pin new strategies for food-safe weddings on topics like DIY wedding food safety tips, questions to ask your caterer, preventing food allergic reactions and more!

FDA Promotes Food Safety and Best Health Practices
If you’re planning a wedding buffet, look no further than the FDA website’s advice for successful food safety when entertaining. FDA offers a lot of information for consumers about safe food handling, preparation and storage. FDA’s Pinterest Board has even more to explore, including tons of fun infographics to help remind you of how to be healthy and food-safe.

For information about the eight most common foods that might cause allergic reactions at your wedding, see What Are Major Food Allergens. To find out what to do if one of your wedding guests has an allergic reaction to food, see Food Allergies: What You Need to Know.

There’s more:
Planning a destination wedding or traveling internationally on your honeymoon? Get CDC’s Can I Eat This? app to learn what’s safe to eat and drink in the country you’re visiting.

Follow USDA today to find tips how to marinate your favorite meats, how to avoid food poisoning at summer outings, and how to keep your kids safe from food poisoning.



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