Organic Consumers Association Newsletter – 072117



Sharpening Our Tools

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OCA was founded, in 1998, when the USDA was writing the very first set of organic standards. The policy writers wanted irradiation to be allowed in organic. And sewage sludge. And GMOs.

OCA’s founders said “no way.” They organized. They collected over 200,000 comments opposing the proposed bad policies. They sent “SOS (Save Organic Standards) kits” to all the natural foods stores, whose owners and managers then distributed them to consumers.

We won those initial battles. But it didn’t end there. We’ve had to go to battle with every administration since over the integrity and enforcement of organic standards. The Clinton Administration tried to get GMOs into organic. The Bush Administration made it easier to get synthetics into organic. The Obama Administration made it harder to get synthetics out of organic.

Now, we face what is perhaps the most corporation-friendly, anti-regulation administration in U.S. history.

There are multiple tools available to protect organic standards for consumers who rely on the organic seal. We intend to deploy them all. Lawsuits. Lobbying. Marketplace pressure.

But you, the consumer, have the ultimate power. You can reject the brands that break the rules. You can support the farmers and brands that adhere to the standards. You can vote the pro-corporate policymakers out of office.

Our job is to make certain you have the information you need, so you can wield that power.

We’re up against an administration that is exceedingly unfriendly to consumers, and to legitimate organic producers. Your generous support will help us fight back. Thank you.

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