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Be Aware!

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It’s “GMO Awareness Week” at To mark the occasion, Dr. Joe Mercola interviewed our own Ronnie Cummins on where the anti-GMO movement is now, and where it’s headed.

From the interview:

“This combination of consumer rejection and, basically, Mother Nature’s resistance, has caused a drop-off [in GMO crops]. I think this is the beginning of the end of at least this generation, the first generation, of GMO crops. Now, industry is saying, ‘Don’t worry about the fact that we’re using more and more toxic pesticides and herbicides … Don’t worry about these pests spreading across the fields. We’ve got a new generation of GMO crops where we can just do gene editing.

But the bottom line is that this gene-splicing and this so-called new gene editing are unnatural processes that disrupt the genetic structure, the natural workings of living organisms. These aren’t going to work either.”

Genetic engineering and gene-editing are part of a failing agriculture model, promoted by unethical profit-driven mega-corporations and propped up by government subsidies. How do we fix that?

Read or watch the interview to learn more about the “Four-Year Plan to Topple Toxic Agriculture.”

Read the interview

Watch the interview


Home Stretch

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Yesterday, Trump’s EPA signaled yet again that pesticide-makers’ profits trump children’s health.

Despite a November 2016 EPA proposal to ban the use of Dow’s chlorpyrifos on food crops, the new administration now says it wants “greater certainty” as to whether or not chlorpyrifos causes birth defects, brain damage and mental disorders in kids.

While the EPA drags its feet, ignoring warnings that pesticides like Roundup and chlorpyrifos cause cancer in adults (Monsanto is facing over 700 lawsuits from people diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma following exposure to Round), and brain damage in kids, you’re supposed to sit by quietly, and do nothing.

But you won’t—because we’ll help you and thousands of people like you push back. With lawsuits. With lobbying. With grassroots organizing to “repeal and replace” the lawmakers, from Main Street to Capitol Hill, who let corporations plunder and pollute. But we’ll need your support.

We’re just one day from our midnight March 31 spring fundraising deadline, and still about $20,000 short of our goal. Because this is “GMO Awareness Week,” will make your donation worth three times its original amount, by triple-matching it. If you haven’t yet contributed this quarter, please consider a donation today.

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Face to Face

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In less than two weeks (April 10 – 21) U.S. House and Senate members will head back to their home districts for Easter recess. What better time to pay them a visit, and let them know you want them to investigate potential collusion between Monsanto and the EPA to bury the truth about Roundup herbicide?

OCA and our allies are working behind the scenes to push for a Congressional investigation into whether or not EPA officials allowed Monsanto to ghostwrite toxicology reports—and what else those officials may have done to hide evidence that Roundup causes cancer.

But we need your help. The more people who meet with House and Senate members in their home offices, the better our chances of rallying enough support to launch this investigation. Please contact your Senator’s or Representative’s Washington, D.C., office now, and ask to speak with the scheduler. Provide your name and address, then explain that you’d like to meet with them to discuss the serious allegations against the EPA regarding collusion with Monsanto. (Check out the talking points and court documents below—or print this New York Times story).

More than 25,000 people have already contacted their Members of Congress, by phone, email and/or social media, asking them to investigate Monsanto and EPA collusion. It’s important to keep those calls and letters and tweets coming.

Let’s face it. Congress isn’t likely to get to the bottom of this story unless we pull out all the stops—and that means getting in their face, by organizing as many face-to-face meetings as possible.

Download these talking points

Learn more

Check out the unsealed court documents

TAKE ACTION: Demand Congress investigate the collusion between Monsanto and the EPA to bury the truth about Roundup herbicide!

Tweet your Congress members #InvestigateMonsanto and EPA collusion to bury the truth about #Monsanto #Roundup

Calls matter! Call your Representatives and Senators! Look up your Representatives. Look up your Senators.

Watch the video: ‘Monsanto Knowingly Sold Human Carcinogen To Consumers’


Free Pass?

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The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a suite of bills that would make it harder for ordinary people to take corporations like Monsanto to court—even if a company’s product is proven to cause serious injury or illness.

The bills—three of them—will soon head to the Senate.

No corporation would be happier to see these bills passed than Monsanto, which is facing hundreds of lawsuits over its flagship product, Roundup herbicide.

In 2015, the World Health Organization classified glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s top-selling Roundup herbicide, as a “probable” human carcinogen.

Since then, a California law firm has filed over 700 claims against Monsanto on behalf of people, or families of people, who developed (or died from) non-Hodgkin lymphoma after being exposed to Roundup.

If Congress passes bills like H.R. 985, the type of lawsuits against Monsanto won’t be able to proceed through the courts—and Monsanto’s victims will likely never be able to hold Monsanto accountable.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your Senators to protect consumers’ right to hold corporations accountable by voting NO on H.R. 985, H.R. 725 and H.R. 720.


Bad Investments

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One of the largest investments firms in the U.S.—TIAA (formerly TIAA-CREF) proudly touts its “Principles for Responsible Investment in Farmland.”

But when it comes to land-grabbing, deforestation and human rights, TIAA has nothing to brag about.

As the New York Times reported late last year:

The American financial giant and its Brazilian partners have plowed hundreds of millions of dollars into farmland deals into the cerrado, a huge region on the edge of the Amazon rain forest, where wooded savannahs are being razed to make way for agricultural expansion, fueling environmental concerns.

In a labyrinthine endeavor, the American financial group and its partners amassed vast new holdings of farmland despite a move by Brazil’s government in 2010 to effectively ban large-scale deals by foreigners.

A report by researchers from Brazil’s Network for Social Justice and Human Rights and the international organization Grain shows that the investment firm acquired farmland in the state of Piaui from a Brazilian businessman known to have illegally grabbed hundreds of thousands of acres of land in the area and to have displaced the peasant occupants through intimidation and violence. The forest was cleared to plant industrial monocultures of cash crops for export, destroying ecologically sensitive areas that are critical to preserving biodiversity and stopping climate change.

You may not be a TIAA client. But we hope you’ll give CEO Roger Ferguson an earful on why land-grabbing and deforestation are not your idea of “responsible investment in farmland.”

TAKE ACTION: Tell TIAA CEO Roger Ferguson: Stop Investing in Land-Grabbing and Deforestation!


Is Our Number Up?

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Thanks to, pretty much everyone knows that 350 ppm (parts per million) is the “safe” level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere—anything higher means we may not be able to reverse global warming in time to prevent disaster.

Unfortunately, we’ve already surpassed that number. Worse yet, as Tom Goreau, a biogeochemist and marine biologist explains, the real safe level of CO2 in the atmosphere is only 260 ppm.

Where does that leave us? In trouble, unless we draw down the excess CO2—fast—and store it in the only place we can: the soil.

OCA’s Regeneration International (RI) project sponsored Goreau’s trip last week to the three-day Global Symposium on Soil Organic Carbon (GSOC17). Scientists, policymakers, climate movement leaders and others gathered at the conference in Rome, Italy, to share knowledge and to brainstorm solutions for averting a global warming crisis by putting CO2 back in the soil, where it belongs.

RI also sent representatives to interview Goreau and other GSOC17 participants.

Watch the video

Watch more interviews with GSOC17 participants

Support OCA’s Regeneration International Project (tax-deductible, helps support our work on behalf of organic, regenerative agriculture and climate change)


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