Cannabis oil cures leukemia and another rare cancer in a boy expected to die in days


Wednesday March 27, 2017 ( — Just today March 27, 2017, newspapers everywhere in the UK reported a story about how a 17-year boy cured leukemia and another rare cancer, using cannabis oil. The combination of these two cancers is extremely rare.  A person has only a chance of one in 7 billion to suffer these two cancers at the same time.

Three years ago, the boy named Deryn Blackwell was waiting to die after four years of failed cancer treatments.   Doctors diagnosed his leukemia in 2010. And 18 months later, oncologist found another cancer.  His condition was very poor while doctors treated him aggressively.

Initially, Deryn’s parents did not think of using any alternative treatments such as cannabis oil to treat the cancers.   After all, they trusted their doctors.  So like many other cancer patients, Deryn received all sorts of radiation therapy and chemotherapy.  Like many other cases, no treatments could stop the diseases.  In the end, the cancers found their way to the bone marrow.  He now got terminal cancers.

Cannabis sativa plant
Cannabis Sativa plant can be the best for cannabis oil (Photo credit: Chmee2/wikipedia)

Cancer doctors did not give up.  They performed bone marrow transplants three times to save the boy’s life, but none worked.  His condition got even worse.  The bone marrow transplantation almost completely destroyed the body’s immunity.  As a result, the boy got three fingers infected with bacteria.

After four years of treatments, oncologists finally admitted they could no longer help the boy.   So they sent the boy to a hospice home to die.   They expected him to die within days.

Cannabis oil came to the rescue

At the hospice home, Deryn continued to suffer great pain which only cancer patients could experience.  He used many painkillers before moving in the hospice home.  But no ordinary painkillers could help him anymore.  His parents started looking for something that may ease his pain.  They found cannabis or marijuana. They made cannabis oil themselves and gave as much of it to their son as he wanted to treat his pain.

At half an hour after treatment with cannabis oil, he felt much better already.  After one month, he incidentally found his fingers recovered from bacterial infections. And after one year or so, he left hospice home and began enjoying his normal life again.

Deryn is 17 years old this year.   His mother did not reveal what they used on him during the stay in the hospice home. They did not because they feared doctors would not allow use of cannabis oil.  They know use of cannabis in any way is illegal in the U.K.   But just today March 27, 2017, they showed up on TV and told the public they believe cannabis oil cured their son’s cancers.

About Cannabis or Cannabis oil

Cannabis or marijuana is not allowed in the U.S. In the U.S., many cancer patients use medical marijuana, which is allowed in about 16 states, to ease their pain. Patients claimed that only smoking Marijuana not painkillers can relieve pain caused by cancer.  The U.S. bans marijuana for any purpose.

The potential anticancer activity of cannabis oil is not news to many cancer patients and alternative doctors.  Many study reports have indicated that this wonder plant can be an effective anticancer treatment.  Indeed, studies reveal that this plant contains many types of anticancer compounds such as tetrahydrocannabinol.

At least two compounds in cannabis oil may help fight cancer.  They are cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol.  These compounds connect to the CB1 or CB2 cannabinoid receptor site on cancer cells.  On cancer cell receptors, they increase the synthesis of ceramide, a signaling metabolite of shinghosine-1-phosphate.   Sphingolipids are present in all cells. When ceramide is high, cancer cells are subject to a process called apoptosis.    (David Liu)


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