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About us

Food Consumer is an online food, diet and health news magazine that publishes news and information that may be interesting and useful for food consumers.  Many reports on the site may not be found in the mainstream news media.  Much of the content on the site is based on research reports.  Opinions of individuals and organizations may also be published.

In addition to news and information in food, diet, supplements, and nutrition, the food consumer magazine publishes other health-related topics such as diseases, drugs and environment, product information, food recipes, and other news and information that is interesting to food consumers.

Food Consumer publishes news and information written and edited by its staff and also other individuals and organizations.  The opinions reflected in reports/articles are authors’ and the magazine may or may not endorse opinions in any reports.

The Food Consumer, part of the InfoPlus.com™ news and information network, has grown into one of the most informative and widely-read online newspapers that focus on food, diet and health issues.  Since its inception in 2004, the food consumer magazine has been visited by millions of readers from across the globe.