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Misc. News : Featured Products Last Updated: Apr 20, 2011 - 9:38:09 AM

Turn your website into an ebook in minutes
By Sue Mueller
Feb 22, 2008 - 12:18:35 PM

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Editor's note:  It came to our attention that a powerful ebook maker that turns websites easily into ebooks has been on the market for years. ebookGold 3.0 distinguises itself from its competitors in many features.  We highly recommend this product to those who want to transform their websites into ebooks for sale. It's just remarkably cost-effective.

Already Familiar With Ebook Publishing?

Here is why you will fall in love with eBookGold 3.0 and never want to use other ebook publisher software again!  A few major features are cited below:

    * no separate "reader" software required
      - your compiled ebooks will be self-executable and launch instantaneously, whereas with our competitors' products your customers must install special 'reader' software to view your ebooks.
    * top-notch security features
      make it virtually impossible to steal your intellectual property, while other publishers give you very limited protection and make it easy to pass on your ebooks without compensating the author... you!
    * advanced authentication
      lets you register your customers on your website, unlike our competitors that have their promos all over the place (i.e. Armand Morin's Ebook Generator)
    * no compatibility problems
      with the new Windows Service Pack 2, unlike other ebook software programs that have big firewall issues.
    * supports multimedia content
      such as Flash, AVIs, WMV and others, while our competitors -- if they at all support them -- require special code that is complicated.
    * gives you full flexibility
      - with some other ebook publishers all your pages must have .html extension and use special HTML code "target=____" for external links or they won't work. With eBookGold you don't have this problem!
    * checks for errors before your compile
      to avoid unnecessary frustration and changes back and forth - other programs don't do that.

Here is what Marlon Sanders (of Amazing Formula fame) had to say about eBookGold 3.0:

" Simon's eBookGold is making delivering our products a snap. We had BIG firewall related incompatibility issues with the new Windows Service Pack 2 and our prior vendor. Simon's program works perfectly. It also only requires 1 unlock code for a set of CDs, where our prior vendor required a separate code for each CD -- causing a lot of customer service issues. I highly recommend eBookGold. "

But don't just take Marlon's word for it - try eBookGold 3.0 today at zero risk with our 30-day money-back guarantee. You will be glad you did.

Here's Another Example of How to Use eBooks to Promote Your Business!

Let's say that you own an online used car brokerage that helps people find used car sellers online - or to sell their used cars through web-based classified ads.

Let's also say that you help people find used cars by finding used cars and seller information through web directories or searches based on specified criteria.

So, you write a small 15-page ebook about how to find great deals in used cars... Perhaps also how to negotiate more effectively with car owners - and how to watch out for unsuspecting "lemons."

But here's where your ebook becomes powerful!

While your book offers educational content, at the end you provide a search form asking readers to enter the make, model and year of the car they're looking for, and how much they're willing to pay.

They enter the information, click "submit" and then are instantly redirected to your website where you provide not only search results matching their criteria but also ordering instructions for instant access!

In other words, they must order your online service in order to gain access to car-specific data, such as...

    * A particular seller's contact information,
    * Additional information on (or picture of) the car,
    * Quick comparison charts with other offers,
    * Car-specific "quality" (or mechanical) ratings,
    * Government lien verifications on the car,
    * Previous ownership or accident checks,
    * Financing information and applications,
    * Insurance quotes and rate comparisons...

... And so on! If not, since they're there they will likely stay at your website and browse around for more!

But here's the kicker... Since your book offers great content, people will pass it around for you... In email, on message boards, through websites and so on!

No matter what type of business you're in, you can use ebooks as powerful magnets that will attract tons of targeted visitors without lifting a finger!

If you want that kind of marketing leverage for your business or website, why not order eBook Gold 3.0?

There are literally hundreds of uses for digital infoproducts!

eBook Gold produces better quality final products as well as smaller file sizes, cutting down on costs and boosting your profits! You get...

    * Unlimited ebook creation. With your eBook Gold software, you can make one OR one million ebooks... It's entirely up to you! Each ebook you make is royalty-free, which means you can sell your own products and keep 100% of the profits!
    * Attractive, professional design. Some ebook creators look "bulky" and downright ugly on the screen. Not eBook Gold! If you sell your own ebooks, you want them to look professional and crystal-clear. Impress your customers instantly!
    * Customizable ebook "labeling." Add titles, author names, clickable email addresses, website URLs and book descriptions with each book you create - just like a regular book's jacket! But the beauty is that it adds credibility and brand identity!
    * Personalizable icon. Your digital infoproduct is an executable file. But like a program you install on your computer, your book will also have its own icon that people can click on to read it! Choose from a pre-designed selection or add your own!
    * Different screen mode options. Do you want your ebook to open up into a full browser-like window? Or do you want it to open up at a specific resolution, perhaps for presentations? You have full control over how you want your book to look!
    * Minimum file size. Your ebooks will download faster and take up less space than any other ebook-creation software on the market. If you're offering downloadable ebooks from your website, that means you'll pay even less in bandwidth fees! Create a book that's less than a hundred kilobytes in size!
    * Add different files types. A "good" website is not just a bunch of plain, static HTML files. It's active AND interactive. Similarly, with eBook Gold you can add graphics, scripts, Flash, DHTML, XML and even true type fonts to make your book come alive!
    * Make your ebooks dynamic and interactive. Add even greater interactivity by including feedback forms and dynamic content. Add subscribers to your ezine, conduct polls, run contests and more. Use your ebook as the perfect market research tool!
    * Full HTML 4.0 support with plug-ins. With the single click of a button, you can include Flash files, Shockwave presentations, Java Applets, sound files or any other plug-ins. Drive readers' actions by making your ebook more compelling and dynamic!
    * Complete window customization. You decide how your ebook looks. You can choose to have your ebook open up in a regular browser-like window or in a customized interface you design (called "skin"). And you can also add different borders, styles and buttons. Give your ebook brand identity and character!
    * Stop would-be content thieves. You can secure your book in many ways. If you want to disable a reader's right-click button in order to prevent source viewing and text copying, or run the ebook in full-screen mode only, you can do so... What's more, NONE of these powerful options increase file size!
    * Prevent pirating. Keep your infoproducts safe from would-be pirates, non-customers and prying eyes by using eBook Gold's advanced embedded encryption feature that lets you lock your book with a password. Only paying customers get access!
    * Customized per-page security. What about offering an entire book for free (as a demo, perhaps), but locking specific pages with a password, which forces people to buy the book in order to read the rest? You can! Lock as many pages as you wish!
    * Full control over your ebook's presentation. Customize the look and feel of your ebook's events. In other words, create a splash screen that appears when your book is opened or closed, and use it to reiterate a copyright notice, encourage readers to visit a website or make them a special offer!
    * Complete control over the finished product. Unlike other ebook creation software, you can also add a whole host of user options - such as enabling (or disabling) the ability to print your pages, running the ebook in a variety of "modes," and deciding exactly how your ebook looks and acts!
    * Choice of home page and table of contents. You're not limited to content. You can easily add and specify a "start page" and "table of contents," which will be linked to and work in concert with your ebook's navigation buttons. Very professional!
    * Embedded tutorials and FREE updates. eBook Gold 3.0 also carries tons of additional features, such as learn-as-you-go tutorials and online updates - at the click of a button, you always make sure you have the latest and greatest version of the eBookGold 3 series!
    * And much more!
Don't wait and get your version of eBookGold 3.0 today.

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