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Misc. News : Featured Products Last Updated: Apr 20, 2011 - 9:38:09 AM

Your good health has never been so refreshing
By Amanda M Parkinson
Jan 2, 2007 - 11:32:07 AM

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Tetley's launch of Redbush this month marks a natural step for Britain's most popular tea maker.  While the new product is sure to enrapture tea lovers with its distinctive refreshing taste, Tetley Redbush will also seduce the more health-conscious among us thanks to its natural lack of caffeine, its abundance of anti-oxidants, and its water-like qualities of hydration.  Bringing these three benefits with every cup, Tetley Redbush makes a brilliantly healthy hot drink.  So whether served on its own or with milk, cream or even just a slice of lemon, Tetley Redbush will satisfy those who love their bodies just as much as a decent cuppa. 

Tetley Redbush really is as pure and healthy as it tastes.  Drink it, and you can almost feel it hydrate your body, and sooth your soul.  Not only does each cup of Redbush count towards the daily recommended intake of eight glasses of fluid, it is also completely free of any caffeine, as it is made from a pure herb, Rooibos.  In fact, the only stimulation in a cup of Tetley Redbush is the pure joy of feeling alive and healthy. 

Perhaps Redbush's greatest gift, though, is its precious anti-oxidants.  Antioxidants are powerful substances which mop up unstable molecules that enter our body, such as sunlight, pollution, tobacco smoke, which can damage our cells over time.  Tetley Redbush is naturally rich in these powerful antioxidants.  And to think - all of that in a single cup! 

There is more to Tetley Redbush than health, however.  Revitalising and refreshing it may be, but the drink has a distinctly different taste.  It stems from the prized Rooibos plant (literally 'red bush' in Afrikaans), the sole ingredient of pure Tetley Redbush.  Rooibos can only be found high up in the sun-drenched wildness of South Africa's Cederberg Mountains.  Here, the leaves of the Rooibos plant very gradually turn red as they mature.  They are then harvested and deliberately bruised, before being left in the sun to gently oxidise.  Yes, it is a painstaking process, and yes, it does take time.  But it's worth it.  Not only does such care lend Tetley Redbush its inviting red colour, it also contributes to the drink's unforgettable aromatic, slightly sweet flavour.  One sip of Tetley Redbush, and no other drink will do! 

Subtle and sophisticated, the taste of Tetley Redbush can be savoured in many ways.  Indeed, versatility will doubtless explain much of its popularity.  Many drinkers will have Redbush on its own or with milk or cream, and marvel at its intrinsic sweetness and character.  Others, meanwhile, may relish the tanginess revealed by adding a squeeze of lemon, or the svelte smooth finesse which a smidgen of honey can bring out.  In South Africa, it is often drunk pure and cold with the addition of apple juice. However it is drunk, one thing is sure:  Tetley Redbush will remain among the healthiest, most distinctive drinks you can buy. 

Tetley Redbush is provided by Rooibos Ltd, a company established in 1954 and which today continues to perform a key role in the development of South Africa’s local economy.  Tetley is renowned worldwide for its consistent quality, and as you would expect, Rooibos Ltd selects only the finest Rooibos leaves for Tetley Redbush.  The drink will initially be on sale in Sainsbury's and Asda supermarkets, followed by Tesco’s and Morrison’s as well as a select band of other discerning retail outlets. 

Tetley Redbush is available from mid-January and retails for £1.69 for a 40 bag pack. 

Overview of Britain's favourite tea maker 

Tetley is the biggest manufacturer and distributor of tea in the UK.  It has exactly one quarter of the country’s £530m-a-year tea market, and its main brand tea bags are regularly bought by over eight million UK households. 

Tetley are experts in tea, and have a huge range of other brands of tea and infusions, and these are becoming an increasingly important part of its business.  Some, such as luxury teas Earl Grey and English Breakfast or old favourites Quick Brew and Lyons Red Label, are aimed at more traditional markets.  Others address the growing demand for alternative, overtly healthy hot drinks.  Tetley already has a strong range of herbal and fruit infusions, and it is expanding its offering still further with new brands such as Tetley Redbush and Tetley Organic.  Combining tradition with innovation in this way, Tetley is well placed to consolidate its place as Britain's favourite tea maker. Tetley really is ‘Everyone’s cup of tea’.


- Ends –


For further information, Tetley Redbush product samples and high resolution photos please contact Amanda Parkinson on 020 7569 3043 ( or Ginni Ryan on 020 7569 3046 ( ) or Tina Fotherby on 020 7569 3042 (


Amanda M Parkinson
The Yes Consultancy
Regent House, 24 Nutford Place
London, W1H 5YN

020 7569 3043

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